El Empleo | The employment (2008), Santiago ‘Bou’ Grasso

Cortometraje de animación / animated short film

Dirección / Direction: Santiago ‘Bou’ Grasso
Idea: Patricio Plaza
Animación / Animation: Santiago ‘Bou’ Grasso / Patricio Plaza
Diseño de títulos / Titles design: Natalia Acosta
Productora / Production company: Opusbou

“The story follows an “ordinary” man on his daily routine to work. Yet, there is an unexpected twist that brings a new dimension to the narrative weight and captivates the viewer. A table and chairs are completely made up of humans folded over each other while a street stoplight is made up of two individuals hanging from a post and flashing their red or green tshirts from under their coats. Each scene is mesmerizing and further complicates our ideas of productivity and service. Is it a message about how we use and abuse each other? Or a cautionary tale about how much we rely on technology and how we may be fated to live without it?” – Paula Velasco

“…The film reminds us of how for we’ve come. And maybe even asks the question, “Where are we going?” How much more convenient can we make our lives? Think of all the effort put into creating and selling minor conveniences. Do we really need another way to slice a potato?

The film had me asking myself a rather big question—What is progress? Perhaps we need to enrich our lives with meaning rather than conveniences. A sentiment underscored by the character after the credit roll.” –