Packing my Brompton for air-travel | Review of Vincita B132H for Brompton

I have a Brompton bicycle, and i love it! I’ve used it to travel around Singapore and my dream is to travel oversea with my folding bicycle.

The first oversea trip was to Thailand, i packed my Brompton in Vincita B132 bag and my husband’s Brompton in the large size hard case luggage. It was good enough, however it’s difficult to move the luggage around with B132 bag. My husband’s bike also have some slight scratches, i guess due to the rough airport’s handling.

This time, for our Japan trip, we decided to bring the bikes with us. And it took us quite lot of time to figure out which is the best way to pack our Brompton.

We have 2 choices, 1st choice is get the Brompton BW hard case which cost around S$380 for one. The 2nd option is using Vincita bag for both which cost around S$450 for two, and i chose 2nd option.

Just in time, Vincita have just introduced a new version of B132 bag, which is B132H. It come with 4 wheels that detachable for air transportation. And after our trip, i have to say this is my best selection so far for our Brompton. The bags moved around much more easier with 4 wheels, it is strong enough to protect our bikes during transportation and even have extra space for our clothes.


I just want to note down here the steps to pack the Brompton for air travel with the soft luggage bag, and hope that we can travel more with our Brompton in future.

  • To protect the bike parts that are easily be damaged during transportation, we make small boxes from cardboard to protect it, 1 is for the folding corner, another one is for the folding pedal as it is sharp and can scratch the frame body. (as pictured).



  • Unscrew the C clamps, keep them in a separate seal plastic bag. Pack together with other bicycle tools, spare part and hand pump.
  • Let air out of tires.
  • Use the Brompton bike cover to cover the bike before put it in the B132H soft bag. Brompton bike cover is also useful when travel in Japan, as the bike must be covered at all time when using train transportation.
  • Lastly, using organised clothes bag as padding and to fill up the empty spaces in the soft bag.



We checked in our Brompton luggage bag as normal bag, just need to let them know that its bicycle and request for Fragile Item handling during check-in. Japan Airline have no questions or extra charges, and they handled our bikes in a great condition. We have no problem with the airport limousine transportation as well. Everything was smooth!

Now i can’t wait for a next trip with Brompton!!!

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