The Cosmos of Animation | ADM-NTU

Today my Art Group went for Isaac’s talk – “The making of Shadows” at The Cosmos of Animation conference at ADM NTU.

I was so happy to meet my beloved supervisor – Ishu Patel and Hans Bacher, and very honour to be the owner of the two new books : Asian Lives | A Closer Look and Sketchbook-Composition Studies for Film.


I’m glad that both of them are still strong and healthy, and they will still be in ADM for the next coming acadamic year. I learned so much from them during my FYP and i hope their stay will benefit Adm students.


To my suprise, Innocent Memory also was selected to take part in the exhibition: Constellation | A survey of ADM animation. It’s a honour to be part of the exhibition with all the others great films.

#Adm #NTU #SAS016 # IshuPatel #HansBacher #InnocentMemory

The Cosmos of Animation | ADM-NTU

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